Hi there! A quick story for you:

It all started at one of those members-only big box stores.

My wife and I had just checked out and were walking down the isle-of-big-ticket items, joking to each other about the fact that the store sold nearly everything except kitchen remodels.  

The joke went further, and soon there were absurd dreams of a helicopter-delivered storage crate full of all the materials needed for a kitchen or bathroom renovation.  And of course, the work would be completed in under a week.

And after more absurd joking, the thought dawned on me: “Why couldn’t kitchen remodeling be turned into a system.” A system that could be repeated over and over. Sure, the materials would change, and each project would be a little bit different, but there was certainly enough commonality between jobs to turn it into a formula, right?

Thus, kitchenCRATE (originally called kitchenBOX) was birthed in 2012 in Modesto, CA. At the time my business partner, Jared, and I owned and operated Trinity Renovation, Inc., a commercial and custom residential general contracting business. Over the next few years, Trinity Renovation, Inc. pivoted to offering kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE products only, and now operates the corporately-owned kitchen and bathroom renovation franchise based in Modesto, CA.

And that’s how simple it was:  a joke turned into quite the kitchen and bathroom renovation machine.  And now we want to share this system with you, via franchising.  Want to learn more? Take a spin through this website, then call me at 209-222-8911.  I’m ready to talk!

Until next time,

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D. Scott Monday
Co-Founder & CEO