Virtual Reality and the Home Improvement Professional

As home improvement professionals, we’re committed to the art of the imagination. With each job we’re re-imagining the contours, function and potential for a space. However, despite all of our planning, the possibilities for technology to revolutionize our industry have yet to be exhausted. Today let’s talk about how home improvement professionals might one day use technology to take their businesses … Read More

Preparing Your Construction Company for the Next Generation

If there’s any profession that lends itself to legacy, it’s remodeling. In fact, it’s not uncommon to encounter home improvement professionals who have been “grandfathered” into the field. A company name, often including the last name of the founder, can carry a great deal of clout within a local community. Some states even allow for home improvement professionals to transfer … Read More

Building Your Team: How CRATE Helps Franchisees Hire

One reoccurring question as I chat with franchise applicants is “how does the CRATE franchise system help me find good employees?” It’s a great question, as it shows the applicant is already diving deep into the challenges of owning or expanding a home-improvement business. But it’s a complicated answer, in that no single magic bullet solves the challenge of attracting, … Read More

4 Things New Contractors MUST Do Before Launching

As cliché as it sounds, obtaining your license to become a general contractor really is just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds of resources exist to prepare aspiring contractors for the licensing exam. Readiness programs, tutors, and study guides have helped contractors nationwide pass this phase of the process with flying colors. However, start-up contractors who succeed are asking the same questions: … Read More

Expanding Your Market Share Without Brand Erosion

Time and again I’ve heard the old refrain: contractors want to expand their customer base but are afraid of taking on middle market projects that could “harm” their premium brand image. As a custom contractor you take pride in your high-end services. You’ve spent years building your reputation. Projects with higher budgets allow for longer timelines, which in turn allows you to develop … Read More

The Growth Mindset: When Sitting Still Really Means Moving Backwards

I get to speak with a lot of contractors about how to grow a construction business. After all, our system is perfect for those wanting to add to their top-line revenue by taking advantage of their existing knowledge, manpower and connections. So it makes sense that existing contractors are by far the most common lead-type with whom I speak. After … Read More

CRATE + Benetrends: Funding For Your Franchise Now Available!

CRATE Franchise Systems is proud to announce our new partnership with Benetrends Financial, an organization dedicated to providing aspiring entrepreneurs with quality funding strategies for their endeavors. Interested in launching your own home improvement franchise, but not sure where to start? Assessing your financial resources is a step in the right direction and – thanks to Benetrends – we’re pleased to … Read More

Using Google Trends for Home Improvement Marketing

Have you heard of Google Trends? If you haven’t yet stumbled upon this innovative online search tool, allow us to introduce you to yet another clever means of keeping a pulse on the home improvement market. Google Trends allows users to see exactly how often a particular search term, keyword, or phrase has been queried within a certain period of … Read More

Owning a Business vs. Owning a Job

how to start a construction company

I can vividly remember the day. It was January of 2011 and I was sitting at my used desk on a folding metal chair in the 80 square-foot “office” I was borrowing from a friend.  It was located on the 2nd floor of a wedding event venue, right above the restrooms.  On the weekends the “office” would be used by … Read More