Building Your Team: How CRATE Helps Franchisees Hire

One reoccurring question as I chat with franchise applicants is “how does the CRATE franchise system help me find good employees?”

It’s a great question, as it shows the applicant is already diving deep into the challenges of owning or expanding a home-improvement business. But it’s a complicated answer, in that no single magic bullet solves the challenge of attracting, screening, interviewing and evaluating strong team members.

At CRATE we’ve always taken an intentional, systematic approach to hiring new team members, and we share this system with franchisees. Our sole goal is to see franchisees excel, and since the right team is the most critical aspect of success, we love to help franchisees in this area. Here’s how we do it, broken into 5 simple elements.

Defining the Role

The first step in adding a new team member is defining their role. Many consider this step consisting solely of writing a job description, but it’s much more than that. The job description is a result, not the process itself.

The process starts with identifying the franchisee’s pain points. The CRATE system has this built into monthly Google Hangouts and quarterly face-to-face review meetings. Pain points are often resolved through effective staffing, so it’s the beginning of defining what you’ll need.

Next, the franchisee must turn these pain points into a list of roles and responsibilities. What actually needs to get done that’s not being done, or not being done well?

Lastly, these roles and responsibilities are turned into the job description. Franchisees don’t have to worry about doing this from scratch, though, as the CRATE interactive operations manual contains an assortment of sample job descriptions for franchisees to use, from field staff to office staff to your sales team. However it’s important they go through all the above steps to make sure their hiring for just the right role.

Getting the Message Out

Now that the role is identified and job description produced, it’s time to publish. The CRATE system is build on effective customer marketing and a similar philosophy applies when publishing job openings.

A CRATE franchisee can take advantage of an assortment of tools for publishing job openings, including:

Each of these platforms points applicants to the franchisees resume-gathering email address of choice, potentially delivering a large number of applicants in a short period of time.

Asking the Right Questions

Now that the applications are coming in, the CRATE system helps franchisees ask the right questions.

Using a combination of questions from the interactive operations manual and pulling from the knowledge of the franchisor team, the franchisee can easily come up with a strong interview strategy that will pull out the right information from candidates during phone and/or in-person interviews.

The goal of this phase of the hiring process is to whittle the applications down to the 2-3 best applicants.

From there the CRATE staff can help franchisees determine who might be the best fit, once again based upon years of operating the CRATE system. It’s this kind of informal dialog that makes franchisees know they have a trusted business adviser at their disposal. And that’s nice to have!

Training for Success

While training of new team members falls solely on the franchisee (other than during formal launch training) the CRATE system is set-up to make training convenient for franchise operators.

It all starts with the CRATE Workflow Map, an interactive PDF document with dozens of links to training checklists and sample documents. Once a new team member is trained they can be armed with access to this interactive system, allowing them to view and print reference documents as needed.

Or perhaps a franchisee needs more in-depth training. For an additional fee a member of the CRATE team can conduct specific detailed training at the franchisees place of business.

Evaluating & Adjusting

The last step in developing a top-notch team is evaluating team performance and making necessary adjustments.

Once again, the CRATE franchisor team is here to help during monthly video calls and quarterly face-to-face meetings. Franchisees can learn an assortment of evaluation methods during these meetings, including how team performance interacts with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Attracting, hiring and keeping great team members is always a challenge in business. While the CRATE system could never automate this process, it does offer an assortment of tools to make help franchisees along the way!

CRATE Franchise Systems helps existing contractors diversify their business, target a new clientele and create a valuable business asset, not just a job.  We’d love to talk with you about a CRATE Franchise in your location.  Click here to download our complete CRATE Information Guide, or click here to schedule a phone call with me at a time of your choosing.

Scott Monday is Co-founder + CEO of CRATE Franchise Systems, the franchisor of the kitchenCRATE & bathCRATE remodel products.  You can follow him on Linked-In or email him at scott[at]cratefranchisesystems[dot]com.