Maintaining Autonomy & Gaining A System: Why a CRATE Franchise is the Best of Both Worlds

Despite years of innovation and progress, one thing still holds true in today’s home improvement world – you’re only as good as your last project. Arguably more so than in any other industry, you are your brand. Your clients come to know you based on your signature work ethic, skill set, and approach to customer relations.

For many seasoned contractors who have devoted ample time and resources to cultivating a standout brand, converting to a franchise model might initially be an unsavory idea. How can you be sure that all the effort spent establishing a brand voice and standards for your independent business won’t suddenly be for naught once you align with a franchise brand?

As licensed contractors ourselves, with years of industry experience under our belts, the CRATE support team has committed to flipping the traditional vision of the franchise model on its head. Whereas classic visions of the franchise model conjure images of a team of suits drawing up a manual to be read and regurgitated from cover-to-cover, our system is focused on solutions.

By identifying the most salient issues home improvement professionals face, including social media marketing and lead generation/screening, we’ve developed features and support that will help you enhance your independent operation.

Imagine us as your “A-Team” – doing the heavy lifting of generating and nurturing quality leads so that you have time to focus on what you do best: growing a successful contracting business.

Toss in some quality marketing assistance and expert guidance on sales, human resources, project management, and more and you’ve got a full suite of ongoing support at your fingertips as you take the wheel on the road to business growth.

Perhaps your business would benefit from joining a system like ours.  We’d love to talk with you about a CRATE Franchise in your location.  Click here to download our complete CRATE Information Guide, or click here to schedule a phone call with me at a time of your choosing.

Scott Monday is Co-founder + CEO of CRATE Franchise Systems, the franchisor of the kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE remodel products.  You can follow him on Linked-In or email him at scott[at]cratefranchisesystems[dot]com.