Perhaps you’re curious what it takes to be a CRATE franchisee. Here’s a list of requirements for owning a franchise business, both tangible and intangible:

Entrepreneurial Spirit

First and foremost, you must have an unparalleled desire to grow your business. We’re firm believers that all businesses are either growing or withering; there’s no acceptable middle ground.

One of the key advantages to CRATE Franchise Systems (CFS) is you’re in control of your own destiny. The system frees you up to focus on proposal conversion, project implementation and customer satisfaction. You’ll have a chance to see direct results of your hard work and the team that you develop around you. Ah, yes, the perfect ingredients for the entrepreneur inside you to thrive!

Financial Solvency

While CFS is a strong value compared to many other franchise business opportunities you still need to be financially prepared for the investment. The best way to account for this is to review Item 7 from the CFS Franchise Disclosure Document and be sure you have available, liquid funds of at least 150% of these figures.

Although CFS does not offer financing at this time, check with your local SBA agent to see if you might be eligible for a loan to get you started with owning a franchise business.

Willingness to Work System

While you’ll be the key driver in the success of your CRATE franchise business, you have to be willing to work within the system. The CFS team has spent thousands of hours developing systems and protocols and your best chance at success is working them as they were intended to be utilized.

If you’re used to following guidelines and processes, this is the franchise business system for you. If, however, you prefer blazing your own trail and starting from scratch, then CFS is not a good fit.

Proper Licensing

As a CRATE franchisee you’ll need proper licensing, and the vast majority of the time this means some type of state contractors license. CFS is currently offering franchises in California and Nevada, and each of these states require a class B license.

While you don’t have to be licensed to start the process to becoming a franchisee it’s a good idea to check this off the list before taking very many steps. And as always our team is standing by to help you walk through owning a franchise business, including the licensing process and helping you figure out the most effective way to reach full compliance with your local jurisdictions.