What does the path to becoming a CRATE franchisee look like? Here’s the step-by-step to get started with this business opportunity:

Start the process by calling 209-222-8911 Monday-Friday 8-5 PST. (Don’t worry, you can always leave a message if needed).

During this call you’ll chat directly with Scott Monday, Co-founder and CEO, about the CRATE System home remodeling franchise and how it may be the key for launching or expanding your business. You’ll discuss general financial requirements, potential territories and learn about the day-to-day life of a CRATE franchisee.

Not ready for a call quite yet? Click here to download our complete CRATE Information Guide to learn more about the CRATE system business opportunity, including start-up cost.

Ready for the nitty-gritty details? We’ll send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for CRATE Franchise Systems (CFS). In this document you’ll review exceptional detail about the home remodeling franchise system, from information about the company and people behind the system to initial investment requirements, from territory establishment to financial performance representations.

You’ll need to spend a few weeks reviewing this information (it’s the law!) but in the end the FDDs will help you decide if this is a good investment for you. Along the way Scott and Jared will be standing by to answer any questions you might have about the information you’re reviewing.

There’s no better way to get a true sense of the CRATE system home remodeling franchise then to spend the day with us at our headquarters in Modesto, CA! During this time you’ll meet the team that wants to serve you, from the co-founders to the staff to the team in the field that operates the corporate franchise.

We’ll also take you on a tour of projects under construction, letting you see the system at work in a way words and images might not fully convey. We’ll enjoy a few meals together, learn about each other and in general see if CFS and you (or your team) are a match.

Now that you’ve reviewed your FDDs for the required period of time, met with the CFS team and seen the CRATE system in action, it’ll be time to sign your franchise agreement.

This business opportunity will be a huge milestone in your life and mark a distinct point at which time you’ll be a full-fledged member of the CRATE system. But don’t worry, the fun is only beginning!

The next step in the CFS process is training.

You’ll be trained by the CFS team both in Modesto, CA and back at your headquarters. Topics will include:

  • Orientation
  • Introduction to the System
  • Pre-Opening Best Practices
  • Human Resources
  • The CRATE Marketing System
  • The CRATE Sales System
  • The CRATE Project Management System
  • The CRATE Field Implementation System
  • The CRATE Customer Delight System
  • Accounting and Job Close-out

Though very thorough in nature, the CFS training program is intended to give you hands-on, real-world lessons in a simulation-based format. Instead of just telling you sales techniques we’ll simulate actual proposal meetings. Instead of reading about the implementation of projects you’ll actually see real jobs in progress, possibly even interacting with existing customers. By the end of the training period you’ll be well-versed in the CFS systems and confident in your launch.

You’ll work directly with CRATE Co-Founder Scott Monday and his team to create and then implement a detailed and exacting pre-launch marketing campaign. This multi-faceted approach will include social media, print and networking to help generate initial interest in the CRATE system.

You’ll benefit from the years of testing CFS has undergone to hone the CRATE marketing message and methods. You’ll experience what it’s like to have professional marketers backing you up to help the phone ring and the leads start coming in.

Ah, now is the time to throw the door opens and start doing great business!

Your months of hard work and effort will pay off as you begin to wow potential customers with your knowledge of the CRATE system. All the while you’ll know the CRATE team is back at the corporate office working to increase your lead count and provide you with warm, ready-to-buy leads.

One of the best part of being a CFS franchisee is the support. Some franchise business opportunity concepts only interact with you when they’re looking for a royalty check or when things aren’t going too well. Not us. We’ll be a resource for you, answering your questions and helping you navigate the inevitable challenges of running a business and maximizing your potential.

While still in development, the dream of the CFS network is to have a diverse, well-rounded group of successful CRATE franchisees that help each other improve on a regular basis. By harnessing the power of a collective experience “library” franchisees will be able to learn from each other’s success (and mistakes) and take the CRATE brand to an even higher level.

Some day we hope this networking includes an industry-leading annual meeting where franchisees can learn, refresh, be entertained and spend quality time with their fellow members and significant others. But for now, we’ll keep on working to build the network!