What sets CRATE Franchise Systems (CFS) apart? Here are a few items.

CRATE Franchisees receive excellent training directly from the CFS team.

The multi-week franchise training process includes a trip to CRATE headquarters in Modesto, CA (90 miles east of San Francisco, CA) where you’ll spend significant time with Scott, Jared and the rest of the team covering topics such as:

  • Orientation and Introduction to the Remodeling Franchise System
  • Pre-Opening Best Practices
  • Human Resources
  • The CRATE Marketing System
  • The CRATE Sales System
  • The CRATE Project Management System
  • The CRATE Field Implementation System
  • The CRATE Customer Delight System
  • Accounting and Job Close-out

This fast-paced, highly interactive franchise training is not meant to put you to sleep, and we assure you we won’t use Powerpoint slides to sedate you!

Instead we’ll cover the topics above using case studies, lessons learned from the founders in creating the remodeling franchise system and frequent job site visits.

Once franchise training is complete and your corporation is set-up, you’ll enter the Pre-Launch phase of your business developement.

Once again you’ll work alongside the CRATE Franchise Systems (CFS) team and prepare to commence operations.

Pre-Launch marketing, growing your subcontractor and supplier network, securing the necessary materials and equipment and identifying the best location for your headquarters are all part of this phase.

In no time at all you’ll lay a firm foundation for your business and then move on to the moment you’ve been waiting for, starting to sell!

Once you begin selling and renovating, your relationship with your franchisor moves into the support and coaching phase. During this time you’ll be growing your own business using the CRATE systems, and of course we’ll be here for you along the way.

At this time CFS’s main role is helping in lead generation, call screening and general assistance as you encounter the initial bumps and hurdles of running a business. Also, CFS will continue to experiment with new methods and products using the corporate location as a testing ground. Results of these experiments and methods are shared freely as the advantage of a strong network is maximized.

CFS will conduct regular visits to your home remodeling franchise operations to provide face-to-face support, answer your questions, take a look at your projects and learn from your successes.

One of your strongest lead-generation tools should be referrals from your past clients. After all, you’ll have an opportunity to provide them with exceptional results at a fantastic price. Why wouldn’t they refer you?

CFS will assist in this regard as you provide on-going marketing to your past clients as well as develop a first-class customer care program. You want to remain top-of-mind with these, your most devoted fans, and we’ll help you do it.