So you’re considering a few different franchise opportunities. What sets CRATE Franchise Systems (CFS) apart? Here are a few items:

You’ll Work Directly with Founders

Let’s face it: as a franchisee you want to know you’re being supported to the fullest. After all, that’s one of the key advantages to a system, is it not? The personalized, dedicated, support of an experienced team.

And what more experienced team can there be than the individuals who built the entire system from scratch?

Unlike most home improvement franchise systems, CFS franchise opportunity provides direct access to the system founders, Scott and Jared. They are significantly invested in the success of each and every franchisee, and willing and able to offer support to the greatest of levels. Such dedication is instrumental to maintaining the CFS philosophy, and you deserve it.


The CFS team works every day to become the home improvement franchise leader in marketing strategies on behalf of franchisees. Since 2012 the CFS team has studied the nuances of both traditional and modern marketing approaches and has conducted significant testing of marketing methods and content.

From newspaper to Facebook, from door hangers to Pinterest, from flyers to Instagram, the CFS Marketing System is built upon persistent, consistent messaging to clients combined with a light-hearted and entertaining corporate voice.

And this marketing system is yours to use to its fullest potential. Not only that, but much of the marketing will be handled by the CFS Marketing team on your behalf, so you can focus on closing sales and building beautiful projects.

Lead Screening

We hear the same old story time and again from independent general contractors: when I’m talking with potential clients I’m not serving my existing customers, and when I’m working with existing customers I’m not nurturing potential clients. It’s a Catch 22!

The CFS lead screening process helps solve this issue in a practical way, benefitting both you and your potential customer.

The CFS team screens each and every CRATE lead that comes in, making sure the lead is valid, financially capable of making the investment and has a scope of work that matches a CRATE product. Once the lead is validated the staff member automatically schedules the free in-home consultation in your public calendar. You could potentially wake in the morning to pre-scheduled meetings for qualified customers already warmed to the CRATE product of their choice.

And the best part of our home improvement franchise opportunity? You determine how diligently the calls are screened. Up to your eyeballs with work? We’ll only schedule job walks for the highest-qualified potential new customers. Looking for your first few projects? We’ll lower the screening criteria a bit to make sure you get plenty of practice walking jobs and meeting customers. It’s all up to you.

Profit per Day

The CRATE System intentionally focuses on very high-end facelifts to existing kitchens and baths. No movement of walls, no new cabinets, no structural work of any kinds.


Because at the end of the day the most important metric for a business owner is profit-per-day.

Let us explain: we all have a finite number of days in the year. None of us are getting more than 365, no matter how hard we try. So why not maximize profit per day?

By focusing on quickly-executed projects and a limited scope of work you can rapidly become an expert in the CRATE products. So instead of doing a handful of large jobs over the course of 6 months why not potentially do a high volume of smaller jobs, each with their own profit margin. Go ahead, run the numbers yourself. We think you’ll quickly realize the importance of profit-per-day in the home improvement franchise industry.


The CRATE itself is an amazing part of the CRATE system franchise opportunity.

This fully-loaded job site hub reduces the number of trips to the hardware store, provides secure storage for tools and materials and acts as a prominent billboard in front of the customers’ home throughout the duration of the project.

CRATE franchisees have full access to these amazing pieces of construction efficiency and will quickly realize their significant advantage.

Advantage Over Custom Remodels

Let’s face it: custom residential remodels are one of the harder services within construction.


Very few projects are alike. Very few customers are alike. There is a limited amount of learning curve that can be applied to the next job. Sure, after 10-20 years in this sector you can certainly become and expert, and perhaps even achieve some semblance of efficiency. But not nearly to the extent that you can with the CRATE system home improvement franchise opportunity.

The CRATE system takes the same 40-50 tasks and repeats them on similar projects, year after year. The efficiency achieved over a short period of time is astounding, allowing you and your crews to focus not on learning new tasks but on satisfying customers and increasing operational efficiency.

The CRATE products are like remodels on a conveyor belt and enjoy similar plug-in-play efficiency.