Using Google Trends for Home Improvement Marketing

Have you heard of Google Trends?

If you haven’t yet stumbled upon this innovative online search tool, allow us to introduce you to yet another clever means of keeping a pulse on the home improvement market.

Google Trends allows users to see exactly how often a particular search term, keyword, or phrase has been queried within a certain period of time. The kitchen and bath remodeling industry has been on fire for a while, and, interestingly enough, a close study of search interest over the last six years seems to support that.

Here are a few highlights from 2015’s data, as well as some insights to help you position this year’s lead generation strategy for optimal success –

Using “home remodeling” as a search term, we looked at search queries in the United States over the last six years. We also narrowed the category down to “Construction Consulting & Contracting.”


Interesting, yes – but what does this mean?

We took a moment to compare and contrast peak months for this query in 2010 versus 2015 – the most recent data. They’re ranked as follows:

2010: January (83), April (82), September (69), June (67)

2015: July (92), March (85), October (77), January (66)

These peaks could account for a number of factors, including the state of the economy, ebbs and flows in demand over the last six years and more. But, with a bit of analysis, this data can actually help home improvement professionals tailor their overall strategy accordingly:

Notice how January and June/July have seemed to swap positions – as more customers who used to desire kitchen and bath remodels for the New Year have now opted for a mid-year project instead.

Many projects, including those we take on within our system, won’t wrap up in time for the ball to drop. In order to ensure that customers are content with their remodel – on time, every time – consider ramping up your marketing in the heat of the summer season. Encourage early birds to cross that long-desired remodel off of their wish list.

September/October – back-to-school season – also remains a peak interest time. With the typical customer skewing female, mothers tend to be the ones to initiate a home remodeling project. As children head back to school, the possibility of uninterrupted work time becomes more of a reality – making it an ideal time to look for a contracting professional. Though many wouldn’t think to consider this in their overall strategy, this time of year reveals itself as another golden season for lead generation.

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Scott Monday is Co-founder + CEO of CRATE Franchise Systems, the franchisor of the kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE remodel products.  You can follow him on Linked-In or email him at scott[at]cratefranchisesystems[dot]com.